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SOG made their name on a premier line of rugged knives – the quality and workmanship of a SOG knife has set the bar for other knife makers to follow. SOG’s blades are found in the hands of Military, Police, first responders and sportsmen worldwide. SOG is not a one trick pony though. SOG has taken the quality and workmanship they put into their knives and put it into their full line of gear.

SOG Dark Energy 247A

SOG Dark Energy 247A

SOG Flashlights

SOG flashlights come in two different styles, the Dark Energy 247A and the Dark Energy 214A. These flashlights are made from a  black anodized hard aluminum. They are tough as nails and are drop-resistant. They can bang around in your pack as you hike the trail, or they can be strapped to the front of your flak jacket as you kick a door down. The model 247A is the full-sized model and provides 247 lumens in a package slightly over 5 inches long and  4 ounces in weight. The compact 214A gives you 214 lumens in a very compact package. The flashlight is less than 4 inches long, and weighs only 3 ounces.

Both lights feature a full length checkered grip to insure they stay in your hand regardless of the situation. Also, these flashlights come equipped with SOG’s tough pocket clip, to make sure it stays where you put it.

SOG Gear Comparison Chart

SOG Battle AxeF02T-N Battle Axe

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12.253.7520.2Axe420 STAINLESS$$
F08-NF08-N Entrenching Tool

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18.25N/A24.5Folding ShovelHIGH CARBON STEEL$
F06-N Fast Hawk Tactical TomahawkF06TN-CP Fasthawk

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12.5219Axe420 STAINLESS$$
SH03-CP SharpenerSH03-CP Firestarter/Sharpener

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F10-N Folding SawF10N-CP Folding Saw

Click here for pricing CARBON STEEL$
F09-N Hand AxeF09N-CP Hand Axe

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11.12.418.6Axe420 STAINLESS$$
FS01-N Spirit KnifeFS01N-CP Spirit

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10.854.2410Fixed420 STAINLESS$$
F01T Tactical TomahawkF01TN-CP Tactical Tomahawk

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15.752.75Axe420 STAINLESS$$
SOG BLT10-K Blade Light

SOG BLT10-K Blade Light 3.9 inch blade

SOG BLT10-K Blade Light

SOG BLT10-K Blade Light 5.7 inch blade

SOG Blade Lights

The SOG  BLT10-K Blade Light Fixed Blade Tactical Knife is a unique blade that has patent pending technology to provide shadow less light when cutting or provide flashlight uses (while sheathed or closed). The BLT10-K features a 5.7-Inch fixed stainless steel blade with satin finish. SOG engineered the impact resistant glass reinforced nylon handle with a switch at the base to activate the 25-LED lights in the handle for instant illumination when lighting becomes a factor. This knife provides 25-lumens that will help light your path or cutting surface area for up to 175-minutes on a single AA alkaline battery. LEDs are energy efficient, cool-to-the-touch and virtually never burn out. The knife has an overall length of 11.3-Inches and includes the SOG logo on the handle. Weather and temperature resistant, submerging this knife in water will not damage its internal circuitry or tarnishing the stainless steel blade. This product comes complete with a molded hard sheath, (2) spare batteries and removable nylon pouch that can be mounted on the front or back of the sheath. The SOG Specialty Knives and Tools BLT10-K Blade Light Fixed Blade Tactical Knife is backed by a lifetime limited warranty that protects against defects in manufacturing and materials. Each SOG product is created with the help of company founder and chief engineer, Spencer Frazer. Known for their uncompromising style and performance, these knives and tools showcase innovation, dependability and a unique, futuristic style that has garnered awards and recognition worldwide. SOG products have also won favor among law enforcement, military and industrial customers that rely on their tools to perform flawlessly in the toughest, most adverse conditions.

SOG Specialty Knives & Tools CK-85 Zombie Avenger Kit

SOG Specialty Knives & Tools CK-85 Zombie Avenger Kit

SOG Combo Kits

The day has come where the living dead are walking the earth. The barricades you’ve setup won’t last forever, time is running out and the zombies are hungry for human flesh. Thankfully, the SOG Specialty Knives & Tools CK-85 Zombie Avenger Kit comes with a variety of weapons for your entire Zombie slaying needs. The FS01-N Spirit is a spear, aerodynamic throwing knife and a cutting tool all built into one. The black oxide 4.25-Inch blade is abrasion resistant and comes with a nylon sheath. The F01T-N Tactical Tomahawk’s 420-stainless steel head has a 2.75-Inch edge and is coated in a scratch-resistant, black oxide. Specialty Knives & Tools CK-85 Zombie Avenger Kit is backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Be prepared to fight the uprising.

You can read more reviews about the various SOG Knives here.


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