SOG Flash

SOG Flash

The SOG Flash family is actually comprised of three different knives; first, there’s  the Flash I and Flash II. These knives are nearly identical in every aspect except for size. The Flash I features a 2.5 inch blade while the Flash II has a 3.5 inch blade. This is actually a characteristic that is very handy – the fact that each knife has the same features guarantees experience commonality. This means if you own both knives you can use them for different purposes and have a very easy transition.

The third knife in the Flash family is the Flash Rescue. The Flash rescue’s only difference from the Flash II is its blade. The Rescue features a sheep foot blade. The blade is still 3.5 inches in length, and has the same features as the Flash I and II. The Flash Rescue also has the option to feature a neon green or neon yellow handle – these bright colors guarantee it can catch your eye in low light situation.

The Flash series of knives are very sleek. Their design is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The blades feature either a satin or hard case black finish – tough finishes that give you years of good service. The blades are available in straight or partially-serrated, as well as drop point and tanto blades.

SOG FlashOpen this knife once and it’s instantly obvious why they chose Flash as the knife’s moniker. The blade is backed by SOG’s proven SOG Assisted Technology (S.A.T.). If you’re not familiar with S.A.T., it employs a piston lock that gives the knife lightning fast opening ability and locks up (as SOG likes to say) like Alcatraz. This is all done with an easy to operate button. These knives also feature a very responsive safety system that guarantees there are no accidental openings in your pocket or pouch.

The blades all employ the hardened AUS 8 steel in their construction. These blades are tough, made to be used where failure isn’t an option. AUS 8 steel is the premier knife-making metal. The handles are made from glass reinforced nylon to create a lightweight and sturdy design.SOG Flash Knives

When it comes to weight, the Flash II and the Flash Rescue weigh in (the same) at only 3.10 ounces – which is lightweight for blades as strong and as large as they are. The Flash I is where they really shaved off the weight; it comes in a featherweight at only 1.30 ounces. You could easily forget this knife is in your pocket.

These knives have found themselves a home in the tool kits of first-responders. So much so that the Flash Rescue was designed specifically with them in the mind. The ability to switch between a smaller blade and a larger blade without having to learn two different knives is invaluable. When lives are on the line, mistakes can’t be made, and having knives with identical features means less focusing on the knife and more on the task at hand.

In the hands of campers and hikers you have an invaluable tool in the field. The amount of tasks a good knife can be used for is too long to list. Every camper and hiker should have a dependable knife they can lean on. The knife not only needs to be dependable for around-the-camp chores, but in a situation where things might have gone bad and your life depends on the tool that you have on you.

SOG Flash

SOG Flash II

The interchangeability of these knives essentially wipes out any cons that these knives might have otherwise. The Flash I is an amazing everyday carry knife, but sometimes you need a longer blade and more weight behind your knife. When it comes to owning the Flash II you have a great field knife. Carrying it every day, though, means you have to deal with state and local laws which may dictate the maximum size a blade can be. Most states agree that a knife with a blade less than three inches is not a weapon, but anything over that maybe considered a concealed weapon, and the Flash’s blade comes in at 3.5 inches. Let’s face it – bigger isn’t always better…sometimes it can be difficult to work a big knife in a smaller area.

The Flash series of knives is an amazing choice when you need a dependable knife that you can trust. First responders trust this knife to saves lives, and you can certainly trust this knife in your pocket or in your pack.