SOG Knives – Which One is Best?

Top 10 Best Selling SOG Knives

Our goal is to help you decide which SOG knives are best for you. We do this by providing ratings, reviews, and an interactive chart that displays all the specifications you need to make an informed decision – saving you time and allowing you to easily make educated comparisons.

  • Model: The model number of the knife. You can click on this for more info or to buy the knife
  • Overall Length: In inches
  • Blade Length: In inches
  • Weight: In ounces
  • Blade Type: Fixed, Folding, etc.
  • Blade Material: Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, etc.
  • Price: $=Under $50 | $$=$50-$100 | $$$=$100-$200 | $$$$=Over $200
  • Rating: This is the overall rating as seen on Amazon.
TF-1 TridentTF-1 Trident8.53.753.6FoldingStainless Steel AUS8$$4.5
TFSAT98 Flash IITFSAT-98 Flash II83.53.1FoldingStainless Steel AUS8$4.5
AE-02 AegisAE-02 Aegis8.253.53.1FoldingStainless Steel AUS8$4.5
TFSA97 Flash I TFSA-97 Flash I5.752.51.3FoldingStainless Steel AUS8$4.5
TWI-21 TwitchTWI-21 Twitch XL7.53.254.2FoldingStainless Steel AUS8$$5
TWI8-CP Twitch IITWI-8 Twitch II6.22.652.6FoldingStainless Steel AUS8$$4.5
FSA8-CP Flash IIFlash II83.53.1FoldingStainless Steel AUS8$$4.5
VL-03 VulcanVL-03 Vulcan8.753.55FoldingStainless Steel VG10$$$4.5
FSA7-CP Flash I SOG Flash5.752.51.3FoldingStainless Steel AUS8$$4
CD01-L CreedSOG Ceed12.137.512.8FixedStainless Steel AUS8$$$$5

SOG Knives guide

Even More SOG Knives!

Want to see even more SOG Knives? Check out our Ultimate Guide. There we showcase over 50 different models of the best quality sog knives made today. Just like with our Top 10 chart, you can sort and search our Ultimate Knife Guide.

SOG Multi-Tools

When you require a little more than a cutting tool, SOG’s extensive line of multi-tools should do more than satisfy. The EOD, for example, is the tool that elite explosive ordinance disposal teams turn to in tough situations. These tools feature the compound leverage technology to make crimping blasting caps easier and safer.

SOG multi-tools will always be there for any odd job you have at hand. They are basically tool boxes that you can carry on your belt. Useful for basic mechanical work, gunsmiths, and nearly any DIY project. Additionally, these tools are used in one of the most dangerous jobs in the world by men & women whose lives depend on their training, their skills, and their tools. We showcase many of the various tools in our interactive Ultimate Multi-Tool Guide.

SOG History

SOG Knives historyYou can’t tell the story of SOG knives without mentioning Vietnam. MACV-SOG, a United States special operations unit, raised hell in Vietnam…on their hip they carried a knife made tough enough to keep up with them. The SOG Bowie Knife was that renowned combat blade.

Flash forward to 1986 – a young man named Spencer Frazer was inspired to pay respect to these brave men and the knife they carried. Spencer set out to create a faithful commemorative SOG Bowie knife. The knife exploded in popularity and one knife quickly became an entire line of premium knives. The name SOG has become synonymous expert workmanship, and flawless design.

SOG Knives – Good Enough for the Navy SEAL’s

Designed to serve, designed to work, these knives are well-known with the military, first responders, and outdoorsmen alike. SOG knives have found themselves being carried by the elite Navy SEALs into war-zones across the world. SOG has a variety of knives to meet every situation. Knives like the SEAL Pup which is an extremely popular knife. The 4.75 inch fixed blade features a powder coated finish to resist rust and corrosion as well as limit light reflection. The handle is lightweight, and features a diamond checkering pattern to guarantee a sure grip.SOG Knives

SOG knives can be found anywhere where anything besides absolute excellence will simply not do. These tools serve overseas attached to flaks and belts of our nations armed forces. Large fixed blades are a favorite tool of the rough men & women who stand ready. These knives are used as hammers, pry bars, digging tools, and yes even as knives on occasion.

SOG Flash & Aegis

The Flash II and the Aegis are the folding knives that set the standard for all to be compared to. These knives deploy in well, a flash and locks up tight with SOG’s unique piston locking system. This knife is ideal for simple everyday carry, or in the tool box of men and women who save lives daily.

SOG Flash

SOG Flash Knives

The pocket folders are perfect for everyday use in the hands of anyone, but when the time comes your knife becomes a necessity you’ll be glad to own a SOG.  In the hands of hunters it’s capable of dressing out any game. In the hands of first responders this knife solves problems.

Taking the name SOG was a risk, to compare one’s knives to the legendary Special operations group was a risk. SOG could have easily just been a commemorative knife and faded away. Instead, they became the premier tactical knife maker in the world – giving soldiers, police officers, and outdoorsmen the tools they need to get the job done.